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Why Our Villa

“Can I be bothered to look for Flights - Accommodation - Car Hire, or do I just go to the travel agent and book A DEAL?”.

The simple answer is “If it’s A DEAL, what’s the catch and is it really Value for Money?” Yes, it’s one price covers all, but you are very likely to be on the Charter Flight – Cheap Hotel – Compact Car deal, which may only become apparent, after you arrive in Florida. Or, you may be paying far more than you have to, to get a quality vacation.
Having travelled back and forth to the USA on many holidays before we had a Villa. Experience has shown us that the only way to have total control over your holiday, satisfaction and enjoyment, is to do it yourself.


Easily bookable through the Internet or Travel Agents. Schedule flights can be as cheap as Charter, but with the added bonus of travelling when and from where you want. Not 3am from Manchester with a delay because Charters have 2nd choice in runway slots.


With our Villa “It does exactly what it says on this website”. There are no surprises on arrival, when you see your “Hotel”, or it’s “Location”. Even some of the more expensive Hotels have only 1 room with 4 beds and the use of a communal pool.

Car Hire:

There are lots of good discounts, aimed exclusively at UK holidaymakers. When you arrive you can be assured that you have the transport that suits your needs. Without a last minute, expensive upgrade. We can help and advise with any or all of these things. It is our wish that your holiday is unforgettable (for all the right reasons) and that you come back to our Villa again and again. We also want you to recommend us to your friends and family (just make sure you get your booking in before they do).

Here are a few more points and observations for those of you considering a Disney or other Resort.

Other Resorts:

  • There are people who go to Disney and stay inside the park or at a resort, because they are on vacation and do not want the daily chores - making the bed, worrying about washing towels, making meals, etc.
  • All these things come at a $PRICE$. Most Hotels now charge a "Resort Fee" to cover all these "extras", This can be $20+/Night payable on Arrival (not included in your original booking).
  • You can stay inside Disney (at some resorts) and have the use of golf carts to get around with no traffic lines.
  • As a Villa owner we cannot compete with having a character breakfast at the resort, etc.

In Our Villa:

  • You can stay in a spacious 2 storey home with private games room.
  • You have your own private screened in Pool and Hot Tub/Jacuzzi.
  • You can stay at a very competitive price per night, compared to local resorts
  • You are not trapped in a Disney complex. You may want to explore the surrounding area.
  • You may want to cook, have a light meal or BBQ. We have the facilities to do this.
  • You can stay in a peaceful and quiet Estate. But if you wish the social side of a holiday, there is a communal pool, play area and tennis courts available.

If you are still thinking of a Hotel, check prices before making your decision. But please consider what our Villa offers and then decide where is the best



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